Bob Mills Furniture To Offer Temporary Furniture Assistance Program in wake of statewide flooding

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Bob Mills Furniture to offer Temporary Furniture Assistance Program in wake of statewide flooding

Recent flooding in the state has left many Oklahomans with nothing. Lives were changed and homes were lost. The impact was widespread and unimaginable. The Bob Mills Furniture family is committed to helping the state rebuild.

Community Support

We recently donated $5000 worth of store gift cards to 50 families during the Griffin Communications Healing in the Heartland telethon and we are continuing our support! Because the need is so great, we have pledged to help an additional 25 Oklahoman families!

Tulsa Temporary Furniture Assistance Program

Were you impacted? Do you need temporary furniture? We have a program to help you out!

It’s super easy! First, choose one of our selected sofas starting at $296. Next, keep it for up to one year. Finally, trade it in, keeping the entire $296 as credit toward your perfect replacement furnishings.

Click here for more details.

Everyone’s Family

At Bob Mills Furniture, our company core value of “Everyone’s Family” runs beyond the walls of our furniture stores. And since we’re all family, we choose to make smart and thoughtful investments in the communities in which we operate. In Oklahoma, we do this by helping provide the state with unmatched, real-time weather coverage. “Every Oklahoman is aware and concerned about weather. We are delighted to partner with Griffin Communications to ensure we all stay safe and weather informed,” says Bob Mills. We are proud to have to have expanded our partnership with Griffin Communications to include, not only, the Bob Mills SkyNews9 helicopter, but the new Bob Mils Weather Centers at both KWTV and KOTV.

Rebuilding is a slow process and we know that what you want is often sacrificed for what you need. So, come on in and let us help you out right now! And, when you are ready to upgrade, we’ve got you covered